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Simone Caronni negativo17 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 13:51:18 UTC 2014


On 27 June 2014 12:52, Mikolaj Izdebski <mizdebsk at redhat.com> wrote:>
Currently guacamole-client is in FTBFS in rawhide [2] and I couldn't find

> > any help for fixing it due to a Maven bug [3], that requires a specific
> > Fedora workaround that I frankly don't understand [4]. On RHEL 7, and
> > Fedora 19/20 the same packages build fine.
> I told you what to do on the mailing list. I've just tried the
> workaround and it worked.

Well, the problem is that I did not figure out what I had to do, and my
"fix" was not working because it was totally different than what you just
pushed :)

It's my mistake that I didn't reply to your second email, I probably
> missed it or forgot.  In this case please just ping me, I'm always happy
> to help!

No problem, thank you very much!

Still looking for co-maintainers, if anyone volounteers.

Thanks & regards,

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of
the shore (R. W. Emerson).

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