Proposal for integration tests infrastructure

Colin Walters walters at
Tue Nov 4 09:56:22 UTC 2014

This looks related to:

(Note that the <Issues with "make check"> is equivalent to issues with rpm %check)

It's implemented by gnome-continuous, and there's been a bit of effort to make -tests subpackages for some pieces in Fedora, but AFAIK no runner yet.

The thing that makes the gnome-continuous model a more radical departure here is it does *not* run the equivalent of rpm %check - it only supports InstalledTests.  After a component gets a new git commit, it's built (but not tested), shipped, and then *all tests* are rerun inside a VM from the resulting shipped tree.

The beauty of this is that all tests are running all of the time.  Continuously.  This has caught real bugs much faster in several cases, because the tests for all dependencies get run when a given shared library changes.

This idea is *not* GNOME specific as the "Related Art" section shows; also worth a compare and contrast with Debian autopkgtest:

Extending this to support headless tests that ran as Linux containers (e.g. via Docker) would likely be very worthwhile, and cover a lot of components like gcc.

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