Retiring OpenShift v2 non-client packages from Fedora

Haïkel hguemar at
Fri Oct 3 20:51:51 UTC 2014

2014-10-03 22:30 GMT+02:00 Stephen Gallagher <sgallagh at>:
> On Fri, 2014-10-03 at 21:43 +0200, Haïkel wrote:
>> This makes sense to me, though it annoys me as a token of our failure
>> to be an attractive platform for such use cases.
>> DId you consider providing a copr repository ?
> A COPR repository probably wouldn't work, because they'd have to provide
> a conflicting version of the ruby platform. I doubt that would fly. They
> *could* stick a private copy of ruby in a non-standard location and use
> it, but that's an awful lot of work for uncertain gain.
> * I'm not an OpenShift dev

In this case, I was thinking about using an SCL. Just asking, not
forcing a burden upon anyone.m

I guess, this is where the work from Env&Stack WG will be critical to
ensure that Fedora remains a viable platform for services developers
(not only OpenShift).


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