How to include fonts in Gnome Software?

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Tue Oct 7 13:12:12 UTC 2014

On 6 October 2014 19:50, Matthias Clasen <mclasen at> wrote:
>> I noticed Titillium typeface is unlisted in Gnome Software. How to
>> include it? I tried to look at the documentation about the process but
>> not available.

These files are to set the long description for the font, and
optionally also group together font faces together into families, e.g.
so Lato Black gets paired up with Lato Hairline to form a "Lato"

> and there is appdata for them in /usr/share/app-info/xml/ on my system,
> but for some reason they still don't show up in gnome-software. Kalev
> and I briefly looked into it, but couldn't quite figure it out. I'll ask
> Richard to take a look tomorrow (he's off today).

Unlike applications, the AppData for fonts only gets processed when
the metadata is created using appstream-builder. This is because for
applications there's a 1:1 relationship with .desktop files, but for
addons like fonts the relationship can be n:1 or even 1:n.

So, back to the builder. I think this is the log file for Titillium:
-- which looking at the last entry seems to suggest (no <veto> tags)
that it gets included in the metadata, at least for rawhide.

So, to check locally: vim /usr/share/app-info/xmls/fedora-21.xml.gz
seems to suggest that Titillium should be present in gnome-software.
So, running the latter in verbose mode I see;

(org.gnome.Software:9724): GsPlugin-WARNING **: failed to load cached
icon Titillium-LightItalic.png: Failed to open file
'/usr/share/app-info/icons/fedora-21/Titillium-LightItalic.png': No
such file or directory

Not good, as that file does not indeed exist, although the others
(e.g. Titillium-Black.png do). This kinda points to it being a
metadata builder issue. I'll look more at this now.


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