Engineering Representiatve for the new Fedora Council

Haïkel hguemar at
Mon Oct 13 14:52:08 UTC 2014

I'll be speaking in my own name:

The Eng. Rep. is not necessarily a Fesco member but should be someone
willing to collaborate regularly with them.
She should have a fairly broad overview of Fedora Engineering and be
an active contributor.

The ideal candidate should be someone who has experience in the
technical committees, and able to communicate effectively with various
You don't need to be a "super contributor", but this is no role for a
rookie as the time commitment will be important.
About the selection, since it will take a lot of your time, I think
that interested people should nominate themselves.
Then, either fesco choose to hold an election or not is up to them.

Though I have few names in mind, I won't disclose them before speaking
with them.
Some are obvious, the others may surprise you ;)


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