Multiple problems with multiple monitors

David Airlie airlied at
Mon Oct 13 21:18:16 UTC 2014

> I've searched for bugs related to the specific problems I've been having, and
> I've not been able to find anything that describes what I'm seeing.
> I have an HP EliteBook 840 that also comes with an UltraDock, to which I've
> plugged-in two external monitors and I use in conjunction with the built-in
> laptop display.

What Fedora distro are you using?

Does this laptop have multiple GPUs? what GPU is it etc.

You probably should file a bug against the primary GPU with the dmesg.

> Issue #2: When I undock my laptop while logged-in, Gnome Shell just crashes.
> When I redock after the laptop has been started when unconnected, one of the
> two external monitors start-up (the one connected by VGA), but not the one
> connected by a DisplayPort connection. And, recently (but not when I first
> started using this laptop with the dock, which was about a month ago), now
> when I start-up with the laptop docked and both external monitors connected,
> both external monitors will be active, but the built-in display will show
> nothing. Gnome Shell reports the built-in display is active, but will not
> display anything unless I deactivate it and reactivate it via the settings
> "Displays" utility.

This sounds like MST releated but I can't say without more info.


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