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Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Mon Oct 20 10:40:22 UTC 2014

Am 20.10.2014 um 12:31 schrieb Gerd Hoffmann:
> On Fr, 2014-10-17 at 11:49 +0000, Andre Robatino wrote:
>> Roberto Ragusa <mail <at>> writes:
>>> Are compressed rpms completely impossible to diff efficiently by rsync?
>> In a word, yes. They're already compressed, so it's unlikely there would be
>> any matching blocks between old and new rpms for rsync to take advantage of.
> Years ago I saw rsync being patched for this (done by suse IIRC).
> Basic trick is to teach rsync to unpack/repack rpms, thereby effectively
> rsyning the files within the rpm, which works *alot* better than using
> the compressed rpm payload

and has exactly the same result as deltarpm now where the most 
performance drop is repack the RPM based on the delta - you you are 
doing exactly the same more complex and introduce additional software in 
the mix

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