I wrote small script to list FTBFS koji entries

Marcin Juszkiewicz mjuszkiewicz at redhat.com
Thu Feb 12 19:51:29 UTC 2015


As my work usually is around fixing packages which failed to build on
AArch64 I spend lot of time with Koji.

Today I started writing script which has to list all current FTBFS
entries from selected Koji instance - kind like [1] does but with few

- no packages which got built later
- no repeated entries

I plan to make something like Ubuntu has [2] which was great help when I
was working on fixing packages while working for Canonical.

No idea how far I will go with it but something like generator for such
page is on my to do list.

Current version of script is on [3]. My Python skills maybe are not the
greatest ones but script works for me.

Patches, ideas, bugs are welcome.

1. http://arm.koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/builds?state=3&order=-build_id
2. http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/
3. https://github.com/hrw/fedora-koji-scripts

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