How to install Rawhide?

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Thu Feb 19 06:24:47 UTC 2015

On Tue, 2015-02-17 at 09:55 -0700, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

> > to download. Which one to take? No idea.
> >    Fedora-Live-Workstation-x86_64-22-20150216.iso crashes early 
> > with
> >    a Python traceback failing to "import storage-something".
> That seems to be new today. I don't have a bug handy.

That one was , it 
was rapidly reported in about five different ways and was fixed 

Today's - 2015-02-18 - F22 nightlies seem not to have any anaconda 
showstoppers, so for now probably using one of them is the best way to 
install F22. As today was 'nominated' as a release validation event 
you can find a handy download table here:

(the table's generated from fedfind data, you can find the same links 
with 'fedfind images --release 22 --compose 20150218').

You can use the boot.iso , but note that using that will by default 
use the repos from the development/22 tree, so whether it works for a 
given package set on a given day will depend on whether there are any 
dependency issues in those packages on that day - on the one hand if 
there are dep issues in the repo on one day they might be fixed the 
next day, on the other hand just because it works today doesn't mean 
it'll work tomorrow...

If you want a reliable result, use a live nightly, because those have 
their packages baked in, they don't use the remote repos. So, give the 
Workstation nightly a shot. According to
#Default_boot_and_installĀ , it works.

In general, you can always visit theĀ redirect to find out the status of the last compose that was 'nominated' for 
validation testing, and (as of a week ago or so) a table of download 
links for it. We're working on some stuff that should let us know the 
status of each nightly Rawhide and Branched compose (not just composes 
'nominated' for testing), but it's not quite ready for primetime yet.

We also got most Rawhide nightly live images for 02-18 (no boot.iso's 
due to some yum/dnf issues), though after Branch point, Rawhide images 
don't get regular testing (yet). But if you want to try going straight 
to Rawhide, here's some links:

that's the output of 'fedfind images --compose 20150218' (it assumes 
Rawhide if you don't specify).
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