Changes in the f22 workstation

Pádraig Brady P at
Sat Feb 21 03:16:58 UTC 2015

On 20/02/15 21:09, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> I wanted to give a heads-up to the wider audience about a number of 
> workstation changes that are landing in the f22 branch (and rawhide) 
> this week, in time for the alpha freeze next week:
> - The message tray at the bottom is gone, notifications are now shown 
> at the top, and can be reviewed in the calendar popup (

This does seem like an improvement, following the general improvement
in notifications with each release.

However I'm surprised that there is still no mention of a permanent indicator
in the top bar, that notifications are present. This can be achieved with an
extension, but with large changes to notifications happening now, it would
seem like an ideal time to also introduce that change.
If you drill down through the comments at the above URL, you get to this:


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