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On 2015-07-29, 10:47 GMT, Michael Schwendt wrote:
>> As I have thought for some time,  I think we should have a team to keep
>> packages and make migrations like gtk2 to gkt3, libgnome2, pyorbit,
>> gnome-python2, pyhton2 to python3 , qt3 etc etc
> Wishful thinking. Porting from gtk2 to gtk3 is non-trivial or not even
> feasible in all cases (without dropping some features/implementations).
> Some developers are unhappy with gtk3. Others switch to Qt.

I would say that the transition from Gtk2 to Gtk3 was pretty 
much a disaster especially in terms of the 3rd part software.  

* Firefox is still Gtk2 (and there is only one Martin Stránský 
  working on the transition, and although he is an übermensch, 
  the transition is still far from complete; not 
  mentioning Thunderbird
* pidgin is still Gtk2 (and port to Gtk3 is one of the main 
  hindrances of version 3.0 I believe)
* GIMP of all programs (original software for which Gtk was 
  created) is still Gtk2.
* I know about at least two projects which are effectively dead 
  because of missing transition and their upstream authors just 
  gave up in disgust 
  ( and
* Actually, I have hard time to imagine which large 3rd party 
  projects did switch from Gtk2 to Gtk3.



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