unzip - support of segmented archives - look for volunteers for testings

Petr Stodulka pstodulk at redhat.com
Wed Mar 25 12:35:52 UTC 2015

Hi folks,
I work on patch for support of segmented archives on unzip. It's created 
alpha patch, which will be modified in future
and probably (that's perhaps certainty ) it still contains bugs. However 
some testing should helps next devel, so if someone works with *.zip
multi-disk archives and want to try/test this new feature

a) here you can download scrach-build which you want - I did build only 
for F21 now (unzip-6.0-22.fc21.src.rpm)

(if you want check code direct in repository, patch is inside branch 

b) or you can test upstream version:
$ wget http://antinode.info/ftp/info-zip/unzip610c17s.zip
$ unzip unzip610c17s.zip
$ cd unzip610c17s
$ make -f unix/Makefile -j5 CC=cc PROD=compiled_unzip 
$ cd compile_unzip

- and try unzip your multidisk archive (is expected *.zip file as input! 
and all segments must be in the same directory!)
- multi-volume archives are not supported now (with different names, 
e.g.: main.zip not_main.z01 )

You could still see warning (or even error) messages about missing bytes 
and unssuported multi-disk archives.
Exit code could be wrong. This all you can ignore now, fix of these 
problems is in todolist for next month.
Important are unziped output files, that should be correct.
-> are files really OK? -> Get you same output as you get by old method 
of concatenation or
with pretreatment by "zip -FF segmented_archive.zip --out 
Or you can use for unzip "-t" option for test of archive. Whatever you 
want try.

When you know that archive is ok and you get wrong output, please write 
me and add link to archive
if it is publicly accessible on the internet or write how can be create it.
(or attach it if it is small).

If you want, you can post same tests for this test-suite:

Thanks to all who will help with tests :-)

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