A proposal for Fedora updates

Bojan Smojver bojan at rexursive.com
Thu Mar 26 22:06:45 UTC 2015

Hi there,

I've been a bit perplexed by the Fedora updates recently (talking about
F-21 specifically). Many of them appear to be obsolete the moment they
hit stable, sometimes even testing.

Take the kernel, for instance. 3.19.2-201.fc21 replaced the previous
build in bodhi on the 24th. It is still not in testing as I'm writing
this (although the updates system says it is). Take Firefox. Submitted
on 23rd, took 3 days to appear anywhere where "regular" folks can test
it (which is actually stable). Then there are updates (e.g. dovecot)
that have been built in koji, but appear nowhere, probably because
person that built it forgot to submit it.

Can we create a fedora-updates-newbuild repo or something, which would
have a different key used for signing (i.e. not the one where a human
does the signing) and could be accessed using yum pretty much
immediately after the build has been created and flagged to go into this
repo if it succeeds?

So, something like:

fedpkg build --push-to-newbuild

Stoopid? Irrelevant? Exists but I'm not aware of it?


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