wayland in rawhide

Ray Strode halfline at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 19:54:35 UTC 2015

Hey guys,

Today I built snapshots of gnome-session gdm gnome-shell and mutter
that change how we do sessions at the login screen. We'll no longer
have separate items for GNOME and GNOME on Wayland.  Instead they're
now both consolidated under the GNOME item.  That item will use
wayland if it can, but if it falls back (because of a failure or
nvidia proprietary drivers, or the user explicitly disables wayland in
/etc/gdm/custom.conf) then that GNOME item will use Xorg instead.

I'm doing this for now in rawhide as preparation for this system-wide
f24 change:


If things don't pan out for whatever reason, or the change gets
otherwise rejected for f24, we'll split the items back out into two

But it's good to get this in rawhide now, so we can get as much
exposure as possible to potential wayland problems and get them fixed
up before release.

Just a heads up ! If you're a rawhide user please test!


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