bodhi: no email notifications for packages in pending state

Alexander Ploumistos alex.ploumistos at
Sat Oct 3 13:46:02 UTC 2015


For the last couple of days I have been submitting updates (with fedpkg)
for some of my packages in all the branches. Currently they all appear as
pending in bodhi and I have not received any messages about them, even for
the ones that got positive karma. The wiki reads for the pending state:
"The signing process is currently done by a human, so you will be notified
by email when your update has been signed and pushed, and a package update
notification will also be sent to fedora-package-announce or
fedora-test-list depending on its status."

So will I receive a flurry of emails as soon as the updates have been
signed and sent to testing, or have I done something wrong?

My FAS account name is alexpl.
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