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> Am 09.10.2015 um 21:41 schrieb Orion Poplawski:
>> On 10/08/2015 01:08 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
>>>  From an unrelated practical point of view: consider that the metadata
>>> pulled down so DNF can operate is basically the same size as the entire
>>> (compressed) Fedora Cloud Base image. It'd be very nice to not have
>>> that overhead (but still have wider package set available when you want
>>> it).
>> Perhaps every product should produce a os/{repodata,Packages} directory as
>> well as an updates/VERSION/PRODUCT/ tree with
> the problem are not only the metadata, but the .solv stuff which did not
> exist before DNF was introduced - what the hell is that, why is it that
> large and how sould fragment the distribution fix that issue?
​Did you think that the faster dependency resolution came for free in DNF?
Yum used SQLite databases, DNF uses solv data. solv data is generated by
libsolv, which parses the repository data and caches it in a form that can
be rapidly re-read and used for doing repository queries and dependency

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