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Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Sat Oct 10 20:03:32 UTC 2015

On Sat, Oct 10, 2015 at 03:54:41PM -0400, Neal Gompa wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 10, 2015 at 3:52 PM, Richard W.M. Jones <rjones at redhat.com>
> wrote:
> > Are we using a branch of koji?
> ​Is this part of the mysterious Koji 2.0 codebase that I can't seem to find
> anywhere?​

I don't know - was that question directed to me?

The koji.git here:


is certainly getting lots of updates.  It doesn't reference dnf, but
maybe it doesn't need to (however it does reference yum a lot).

(BTW is anyone else disturbed by the relatively massive user icons
that are now shown on git.fedorahosted.org?  Seems to be a recent


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