To someone with power to push packages on Fedora 21

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Fri Oct 16 15:00:29 UTC 2015

On Thu, 15 Oct 2015 23:49:22 +0100
Sérgio Basto <sergio at> wrote:

> Hi,
> We detect migration problem from bodhi 1 to 2 [1]
> Can someone workaround and push to stable, because they reached the
> stable karma threshold:

Well, the maintainers of those updates could choose to do so.

Can you mail them about it? Hopefully the bodhi2 db would get fixed up
for these old updates, but maintainers should be able to push them,
it's just autokarma thats possibly messed up. 

Or if you prefer I can mail them... 

> This doesn't reached the stable karma threshold but should also be
> pushed, because packages shouldn't stay in update testing forever ... 

Likewise these can be pushed by their submittors...

THis first one: 


Is one of mine. I didn't push it because I am concerned about the
sa-timer issue mentioned in one of the comments. I couldn't duplicate
the issue, but wanted to see  some more user comments before pushing to

> [1]

I'd suggest all maintainers should periodically check:<yourusername>&status=testing
For their updates that are in testing. 

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