release-notes/devel/img corner-bl.png, NONE, 1.1 corner-br.png, NONE, 1.1 corner-tl.png, NONE, 1.1 corner-tr.png, NONE, 1.1 header-download.png, NONE, 1.1 header-faq.png, NONE, 1.1 header-fedora_logo.png, NONE, 1.1 header-projects.png, NONE, 1.1

Paul W. Frields (pfrields) fedora-docs-commits at
Tue Jun 27 21:54:44 UTC 2006

Author: pfrields

Update of /cvs/docs/release-notes/devel/img
In directory

Added Files:
	corner-bl.png corner-br.png corner-tl.png corner-tr.png 
	header-download.png header-faq.png header-fedora_logo.png 
Log Message:
Add content copied from FC-5 branch; this directory is where we will builg FC-6 release notes

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