Self-Introduction: Timothy Murphy

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Thu Dec 20 02:28:49 UTC 2007

On Thursday 20 December 2007 01:51:41 am Karl Larsen wrote:

> Hello Timothy Murphy and Welcome to the Group. I am not yet a member
> because part of the setup will not work for me on F8. I suspect it worked
> fine on FC5.
> 	Your papers will be a god-send to this Group! Anything that is near
> perfect for FC5 can be updated to say F9 in good time.
> 	If you have run into any problems with joining the Group please share
> them. In particular were you able to complete the legal part of joining? I
> was not able to return my signed document for some reason.

I haven't reached that hurdle yet.

I agree with you that the documentation about Fedora documentation
leaves a lot to be desired.
I followed the instructions for sending one's gpg key to the MIT server
in <>
but they did not work - the command  
  gpg --keyserver --send-keys 0x1381C1A4F
resulted in the error message
  gpg: "0x1381C1A4F" not a key ID: skipping

I was able nevertheless to send the key by registering the server
hkp:// in kgpg
(it did not appear among the servers there,
as the wiki documents suggest it does)
and then exporting my key.

I'm not convinced that whoever wrote this wiki document
ever tried out his own instructions;
I suspect that he (or she) just "knew" they must work.

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