wiki questions, Moin versions, and click-through CLA

Marc Wiriadisastra marc at
Fri Dec 21 14:25:48 UTC 2007

> >   
> I was actually talking about the Fedora Account System 2 session :)  
> That sounds very much like the lowering the barriers session from last 
> year (which, really, we should have every FUDCon and I'm quite glad to 
> see you doing it).  Just in case things go for worst and I can't make it 
> to yours and you can't make it to the FAS session.  Take a look at this:
> Its currently still in test so feel free to make up a user, it will have 
> no barring on your actual user and you can just come up with whatever 
> you want.  There is a CLA process in there that I think you'll find MUCH 
> easier then the current method.  There's also some bits for signing a 
> clickthrough CLA though I'm not sure how far along those bits are.  Let 
> me know what you think.
>     -Mike

I entered my phone number and generated this error.

The following error(s) have occured with your request:

      * telephoneNumber: Please enter a number, with area code, in the
        form ###-###-####, optionally with "ext.####" 

Not everyone will have the same number format e.g. 618 1234 5678 is my phone number
including the country code being the 618.



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