Self-Introduction: Timothy Murphy

Paul W. Frields stickster at
Sun Dec 23 16:42:07 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-12-23 at 15:16 +0000, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> On Thursday 20 December 2007 05:27:31 am Murray McAllister wrote:
> > Hi Tim,
> >
> > Thanks for joining. I'm glad you got your keys sorted out. That was
> > almost correct, but you do not need the 0x pre-pended (so it would be
> > 1381C1A4F). Out of curiosity, where did you find that information
> > (0x)?
> I've been experimenting with pgp a little,
> and it seems to me that _does_ expect 0x to precede the key.
> I've looked again at
> <>,
> and in my view the advice given there is not the best.
> What for instance do the lines
> ------------------------------------------------------
> gpg --keyserver hkp:// --send-key KEYNAME
> For KEYNAME, substitute the key ID of your primary keypair.
> ------------------------------------------------------
> actually mean?
> Why not just give an example instead of this abstract terminology.
> Assuming the "key ID" means something like "D575F650"
> then the advice in my experience does not work.

I just performed this step on my machine again, using my key ID
"BD113717," and the procedure worked fine.  I have done this many times,
both with a prepended "0x" and without, and all of these operations
succeeded.  I've confirmed the success using wireshark to look at the
network traffic.  I think if you are having a problem -- the nature of
which I can't tell from the information you gave -- it might be on your

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