Marc Wiriadisastra marc at mwiriadi.id.au
Fri Dec 28 03:22:22 UTC 2007


Just a quick update on the wifi guide and all of that.
I'm looking to put a list of cards that are supported however
I don't know which cards are supported.  

I've contacted Bill and he replied to contact John Linville 
which I have done but I'm assuming he's out of the 
office/holidays and I'm waiting for that list.  I'm assuming
next week he'll be back or the week after so I will update that
page when I get the confirmed information.

The other thing that I'm wondering about is whether we should
provide a guide on how to use the b43-cutter program?  The cutter
program is supported but the drivers are proprietary therefore
in order to provide a guide I would have to point them to the 
proprietary websites.

Would love some feedback on that last issue.



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