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Susan Lauber laubersm at fedoraproject.org
Thu Mar 19 13:15:22 UTC 2009

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 11:03 PM, David Nalley
<david.nalley at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> So Rudi has been doing a ton of work on the Install Guide and we were
> talking tonight about the status of PPC.

Very cool stuff!  Thanks Rudi.

> Currently we have a note in the IG where PPC installation differs.
> This is a bit cumbersome and for a few other reasons wanted to seek
> the 'Wisdom of the List' in how this should be handled.
> Our options are:
> 1. Continue with the exceptions process
> 2. Adopt the RHEL solution - which is to have a separate section in
> the same document that transcludes a lot of the identical content.)
> 3. Drop PPC from the Install Guide
> 3a: Drop PPC from the Install Guide and bring it back in F12 if there
> is an uprising calling for our heads.
> 3b. Drop PPC from the Install Guide and Create a PPC IG
> 3c. Drop PPC from the IG and let a PPC-SIG pick it up
> So discussing it amongst ourselves we both seem to like the 3a
> solution (Drop content and revert if there is an uprising). Our
> justification is:
> 1. PPC on pre-intel Macs is really aging hardware, so we are likely
> talking about when to drop rather than if.
> 2. PPC hardware is hard to come by. Currently no one working on the IG
> has PPC hardware in their possession, though Rudi says he can lay his
> hands on a machine if need be.
> 3. Removing the exception notes makes the document a cleaner read
> 4. It's less work.

Those sound like fair reasons to drop it from the formal and translated IG.
I can support 3a.

I have a question about option 3c though - do you mean as a guide in
XML with requirements of translation and meeting release cycles?  Or
do you mean in any format they so desire?  If the later, I think we
can help a little rather than just drop the content.
How hard is it to put the current (F10) version into a HOWTO on the wiki?
This way it is EASY for anyone (SIG or user) to copy and update to F11
if they so choose.  I think it much more likely to get done at all if
the structure is already there and done correctly if the users do it
themselves.  Don't forget to tell the SIG it exists ;)


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