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Sat Feb 12 23:50:47 UTC 2011

Greetings everyone,

	My name is Jacques Boulet. I am currently earning an Associates  
of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems here in the U.S. I  
have approximately one more year before I earn my degree and I would  
like to find something to help me solidify the skills I have already  
learned. I would also like the opportunity to learn other skills that I  
might not be able learn to in a school environment. Hopefully something  
real world that I can use when I find a good career.
	I would place my computer skill in the intermediate level. I  
know enough to do minor code hacks, write very simple things in Java,  
configure and operate servers, etc. Though I am no system admin capable  
of running and trouble shooting networks for major corporations, or  
leading a software development project. I have a good, solid  
understanding of how computer work, and I am learning more everyday.
	Furthermore, I am not new to Linux. I have been using it on and  
off since 1997 or 1998. The first distribution I used was SuSE 5.2 and  
it had KDE 1.0 beta on it. I started using Fedora around F11 and have  
really fallen in love with it. I solely run Linux now and have for  
about the past four years. Again, I am not capable of being a lead  
Unix/Linux system admin for some big corporation, but I am an avid user  
of Linux and I do posses a sound understanding of it.
	I have also done work, briefly, on the Mephisto Backup Project.  
I was in a beginning programming class and knew the founder of that  
project. I only helped for about a month before I began to get  
overwhelmed with school and work.

SourceForge project page for Mephisto:

	Right off the top of my head the most beneficial skill that I  
posses for the Documentation project is my use of OOo and MS Word over  
the past year with school. I Think I have written enough reports to get  
enough experience with those two office suites that I am confident I  
can turn out some decent documents.
	What I believe would make me a good match for this project is  
that I really want to work on my writing skills. I know that English  
and grammar are weak points for me and I can't think of a better way to  
improve than to write documentation with the whole world as your  
editor. :)
	Anyway, I look forward to learning more, meeting you guys and  
making some new friends.


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