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Domingo Becker domingobecker at
Tue Nov 8 04:19:32 UTC 2011

2011/11/3 Petr Kovar <pkovar at>:
> Hi Domingo,
> What would be displayed in the English original then, if the translator
> credits are to be extracted from PO files?
> I know that the translator-credits string works well in GNOME, but they
> use the xml2po utility to take care of the credit string, so that's a little
> bit different toolchain.

You may exclude that paragraph by using conditional tagging. The
paragraph would look like the following:

<section lang="es-ES,de-DE,pt-BR,fr-FR,others">
	The authors would like to thank ...

And the whole section will be excluded from all the languages not
mentioned in the string lang="es-ES,de-DE,pt-BR,fr-FR,others".

kind regards

Domingo Becker

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