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Steve Gordon sgordon at
Fri Nov 25 04:57:02 UTC 2011

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> Greetings, List:
> Some recent changes to the Docs website seem to have broken it. The
> menu lists
> all docs as "Untranslated" for English, except the Musicians' Guide.
> And there
> are two "English" selections in the language-selection menu.
> I tried to reverse the changes myself, but it doesn't seem to be
> working.
> Christopher.

Hi all,

Just looking at this now I can see that this was caused by my earlier commit. I am in the process of rolling this back now (via 2 fresh commits, 1 to revert each set of changes) to get back to the previous state (commit 101de22af4ab426ff797b0ce01f0fd4192e65461), apologies for the trouble. 

I will investigate further into *why* these changes occurred in my commit in the morning. It's obvious from the diffs why this has broken the site, but I can't see how my copy ended up in this state from a fresh checkout of web.git and the instructions I followed ( 


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