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Stuart Campbell stuart at
Wed Jul 2 20:31:17 UTC 2014

Dear all,

I would be interested in helping out in some way with the env-and-stacks
working group.   I've been a long time Red Hat / Fedora user and have quite
a bit of experience with building packages and have recently been playing
more and more with software collections.  We use continuous integration a
great deal, mainly Jenkins at the moment. I've also started through my work
playing with docker and containers for deploying software.

My day job is as a software developer team lead for a national laboratory
writing scientific software.

Looking through the list of activities I am happy to help out on any of
them, wherever needs a pair of hands.

If there's anyway that you think I could contribute then please let me
know.  I've been involved on the edges of the fedora project for a while
now and I would like to be more involved and help out more.

Best Wishes


Dr Stuart Campbell

fedora username: sic


On 1 July 2014 05:31, Marcela Maslanova <mmaslano at> wrote:

> Env and Stacks Working Group has noble plan to make development in
> Fedora easier and also work with new technologies, which are not in
> Fedora yet.
> The whole statement can be found here:
> There is missing Atomic and/or Docker, because all members were mostly
> interested in things mentioned in the document than looking at
> containers. I believe we need someone who can pick what will be in Fedora
> base
> image. Details can be found in Matt statement:
> We don't have manpower to work on all projects, but we started to work
> or co-operate on these:
> 1/ testing additional repositories – Playground repo
> Playground plugin is similar to Copr plugin
> 2/ automation – Automated packages review tools
> 3/ automation – Taskotron
> tool for Fedora tests
> 4/ Build Systems – Copr
> 5/ Software Collections in Fedora
> 6/ DevAssistant
> 7/ Continuous Integration - prototype of few projects
> If you are interested in current topics or containers, then please let
> us know on env-and-stacks at what you want to do and
> what you did until now.
> I received some private replies, but I'd like to give opportunity to wider
> audience.
> Thanks,
> Marcela
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