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Matthew Miller mattdm at
Mon Jun 30 15:09:31 UTC 2014


Adam asks:

   What "Fedora" exactly is the image going to contain? Fedora Server?
   Fedora Cloud? Will it be a part of either of those products? If not, what
   is its status, exactly? Who's responsible for it? Is it considered a
   primary or frontline or whatever Fedora deliverable? Who's going to test
   it? How's it going to be promoted in relation to all our other

Here are *my* answers -- let's make sure we all agree. :)

* It will contain its own very minimal "spin". We're not (currently) going
  to produce "layered" images -- just the base. (Application images will
  be made via Docker's "trusted builds" service from the fedora-dockerfiles
  repo, on top of this base.)

* It will initially be part of Fedora Cloud, but long term I think we want
  to move it to Env & Stacks (CC'ing).

* Correspondingly, I think we're responsible.

* On "primary or frontline", I think the answer is "not release blocking",
  but we'd like to produce and upload the image after release if we miss

* Who is going to test it? We should. Possibly, launching _this_ image
  will be part of the Fedora Atomic tests?

* The goal is to upload the official image to the Docker index in a manner
  similar to our other cloud images.

* We may promote it on the web site in some manner, but the primary point
  is that we want to appear at <> 

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