Playground repo: self-hosting

Tadej Jane┼ż tadej.janez at
Fri Mar 7 15:23:40 UTC 2014

Question: Is the Playground repository self-hosting, i.e. the Playground
repository (along with the Fedora's main repository) contains all the
packages needed to build any package in the Playground repository?

Answer proposal: Yes.

Rationale: Self-hosting has been a fundamental guarantee of Fedora for a
long time and we don't want to break that with the Playground

Notes: Even though some dependencies might take a lot of time to
package, this is mitigated by the fact that the packaging guidelines for
the Playgroud repository are a lot more simple compared to the current
Fedora Packaging Guidelines. Hence, it is easier to package up all the
dependencies. Also, since library bundling is allowed, the packager
could at first just bundle all the dependencies in the package of
interest and later, if it would be practical, separate them out into
independent packages.

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