Some questions about Playground Repo

Deborah Rieden drieden at
Tue Mar 11 17:57:18 UTC 2014


After reading through the playground repository draft [1] I thought it would be helpful to have tooling which can display the contents and status of the playground repo.  For example:
- Display the package(s) in the repository
- Display the date when the package was added
- Display the date when the package was last updated
- Display who owns the package, if a provenpackager a special symbol is displayed?
- Display the status of the package (like if it is bad, unusable, removed, terrific)
- Is package in Fedora, or moving to Fedora?  Which version.
- Is the package signed?  If not signed do we want to state why?  Do we want to include a link to request 
  that this package be considered for signing?
- Are there any tests associated with this package? - automated, manual, etc.
- Does package have broken dependencies?  If so, it is marked a certain way.

This information should be viewable by anyone?  Any restrictions?
This information should be automatically generated.  A human is not needed to create the report. 

Any comments?  



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