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Please do not use top quotes on future communications, it makes things
harder to quote for me ;)

i snipped our earlier communication but want to point out that

Am 22.11.2010 20:57, schrieb Gent Thaçi:
> Hi,
> First of all I would like to tell you that I do have a special case
> expect being a part of Fedora Team at FOSDEM, gladly participating on
> Booth, helping with the preparation. Anything!
> The trip would help me a lot learning about Fedora, meeting the great
> community in personal and learning from them since I am younger waiting
> more contribution to come.
> I hope you will give me an opportunity,

i definitely think this are valid reasons to support you - you are a
Ambassador for 2 month now and normally we do not sponsor traveling in
the first 6 month of new membership - but in this special case, i tend
to support your request according to


you have to make a official request to FAmSCo - i cc´d this to the
FAmSCo List as well so they are now aware of your request and can put it
on the agenda - maybe they will request that you open another  ticket in

Attendig FOSDEM would also be a good opportunity to hand over your
request from

how do you plan to travel, by plane?

if yes - please find out how much you need for your travel

we learned it is nearly impossible to get money to Kosovo in a way that
is acceptable - the best way would be to book your flight and hotel out
of someones budget/credit-card for you.

It is imperative that as soon as we know your travel details you and the
FOSDEM Event Owner get in contact and that FAmSCo can make a decission
on the budget and on the way you get sponsored

cu Joerg

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