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Am 02.12.2010 15:01, schrieb Gerard Braad:
> We will put this on the agenda for the next meeting.
> I would like to have some more background information, as it seems
> most of it was arranged/discussed before our appointment.

as most of you have read in the final Report for 2010 we have made the
decission not to open up the famsco trac instance - after a lot discussions

*      A significant amount of information that contains personal data
is contained in the tickets that currently exist. Those include
addresses, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc.
*      Moving forward, additional tickets will be created that of a
necessity will require submission of personal data for reimbursement.
(FAmSCo considered having Max be emailed directly via an encrypted
email, having encrypted data be submitted to the trac instance, and a
number of other 'solutions' that proved in FAmSCo's opinion to be

i have added the new FAmSCo as users to

please let me know if you have trouble with login or something else

cu Joerg
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