[FAmSCo] Private information in famsco trac

Joerg Simon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jun 24 05:08:35 UTC 2010

Wow, what a thread over night ;) thanks for working on it

Am 24.06.2010 04:10, schrieb David Nalley:
>> Also, I was thinking about future attachments. Can we just ask the
>> concerned person to compress the attachments into a password protected
>> zip and upload?
> Going forward if people continue to submit receipts/expense
> documentation it will almost certainly run afoul of the privacy
> policy.

i agree

> So it strikes me that our options are:
> 1. Tell them to submit documentation to Max directly (which isn't very open)

option 1 is more "hidden" than a closed trac instance ;)

> 2. Tell them to encrypt to Max's gpg key (or a famsco gpg key)

option 2 is as good as a closed trac instance

> 3. Tell them to obliterate all personal information from receipts.

this is not a real option ;)

> 4. Not open the trac instance to the public.

With that many tickets, containing private information, i tend to Option
4, because it is open enough to be peer-reviewed by other famsco
Members, but closed and safe enough to seperate the Information and
avoid spreading this data all through the internet by accident.

There are imperative reasons to not open the instance and i am sure
people will respect that if we tell them what we found out.

cu Joerg

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