[FAmSCo] Some transition-related topics for FAMSCO

Max Spevack mspevack at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jul 20 23:30:18 UTC 2011


So.... hopefully my departure from Red Hat (and therefore from being the 
budget manager for Fedora) won't cause too much trouble, because I'm 
already not a part of FAMSCO (and it hasn't stopped us from spending 
money) and the community credit cards are also intended to distribute 
that load away from a single point of failure (me or anyone else).

However, I think it would be useful for you guys to be able to talk 
about whatever questions you have, so that questions that come up at 
regional fedora ambassador meetings can be answered, and to make sure 
that FAMSCO, Jared, and Harish are all on the same page.

There's also a bit of infrastructure work that needs to happen -- my 
account needs to be removed from the FAMSCO trac instance so that no 
more tickets get assigned to me, and the tickets that are assigned to me 
need to be reassigned, because I no longer have the ability to spend Red 
Hat's money and file expense reports.

So, what questions do you have?  What decisions need to be made?  How 
can we make sure that Jared and Harish have enough time in the near 
future to address some of this?


P.S.  I'm happy to remain on the famsco mailing list so that I can help 
with any knowledge transfers that come up in the next few months.  Or 
you can remove me.  Whatever the rest of you prefer is fine with me. 
You all know how to find me if/when you need me.  :)

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