[FAmSCo] Some transition-related topics for FAMSCO

Max Spevack mspevack at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jul 20 23:36:48 UTC 2011

On Wed, 20 Jul 2011, Max Spevack wrote:

> There's also a bit of infrastructure work that needs to happen -- my 
> account needs to be removed from the FAMSCO trac instance so that no 
> more tickets get assigned to me, and the tickets that are assigned to 
> me need to be reassigned, because I no longer have the ability to 
> spend Red Hat's money and file expense reports.
> So, what questions do you have?  What decisions need to be made?  How 
> can we make sure that Jared and Harish have enough time in the near 
> future to address some of this?

Also, IMHO -- bite the bullet and just open the famsco instance up for 
public viewing (or start a new trac instance after archiving the current 
one, to eliminate personal information), or at least do some testing to 
make sure that the person who *OPENS* a ticket has the ability to view 
their own ticket.  Sometimes it seems like they can't do this.


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