[FAmSCo] FUDCon APAC reimbursement status?

Robert Mayr robyduck at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jul 1 14:46:17 UTC 2014

2014-07-01 16:29 GMT+02:00 Ruth Suehle <rsuehle at redhat.com>:
>> Can you tell us the progress of reimbursement of travel subsidy? It was
>> paid by each sponsored attendees, so they should get the reimbursement
>> directly. The tickets are all on fudcon-planning trac, and marked as
>> ready for reimbursement. [1]
> I emailed everyone last week to explain where we were, but I'll do so again:
> PayPal gets suspicious about large quantities of transactions. I went last week until I was getting captchas for every single page and became concerned about getting fraud blocked, which would stop everything. In addition, I reimburse by PayPal personally and then get reimbursed by Red Hat so that we don't incur extra fees. Between these two things, it takes some time. I am also on vacation this week. I will attempt to do some more of them in my hotel room tonight or tomorrow night.

Thank you Ruth, hopefully you will be able to get it done, there
shouldn't be so many tickets left.
See you and have a nice vacation.

Robert Mayr

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