[FAmSCo] Is FAmSCo really dead?

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Fri Feb 12 22:29:14 UTC 2016


I agree with all you mention there. I'm committed to the responsibilities
of FAmSCo role. I got no problem with the schedule and I'm willing to help
on everything is needed.

To the inactive members, please say something :(


2016-02-12 15:35 GMT-05:00 Giannis Konstantinidis <giannis at konstantinidis.cc

> Hello everyone,
> subject says everything. Is FAmSCo really dead?
> As you may have noticed, the last two weekly meetings did not take place
> as we didn't reach quorum. We have not yet voted for/appointed a chair,
> although this should have happened during the very first meetings. Even
> worse, there are FAmSCo members who rarely participate in meetings or
> discussions that take place.
> Just because there have been plans for FOSCo, that doesn't mean that the
> current FAmSCo members will have a passive role.
> The community has trusted and voted for us to be their representatives.
> Let's not forget that.
> All FAmSCo members, please respond below.
> -Giannis
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