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Fri Jul 3 17:12:57 UTC 2009

On Friday 03 July 2009 16:49:59 Gabriel Ramirez wrote:
> Mary Ellen Foster wrote:
> > In that Plasma tends to crash near-randomly, yes, the symptoms are
> > similar. I'll look forward to seeing that fix.
> >
> > MEF
> what plasma theme are you running?, I switched yesterday to Air theme
> and I can crash it regularly showing the bottom panel ( I set it to
> autohide) while I'm running glxgears.
> and that crash don't happened in kde 4.2.90 but has set the Aya theme in
> that kde version.
> btw my machine have a intel chipset too
> so seems Air theme is more heavy in openGL because the transparency
> at the moment plasma crashed by itself twenty minutes after awake from
> suspend
> Gabriel
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Well, I'm using 4.2.95 on Rawhide with the default theme (Air) and the latest 
nouveau-driver. No crashes, but no compositing. When I use the the NVIDIA 
propriety driver I have desktop effects and ... spontaneous log outs (crashes?) 

Martin Kho

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