Discuss: Base packages for Win32 / Win64 / OS X cross-compilation

Farkas Levente lfarkas at lfarkas.org
Wed Feb 11 22:36:32 UTC 2009

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> I've noticed that the most recent mingw32-binutils package is in fact
> using upstream binutils (it's shipped separately by mingw.org, but it
> is identical to gnu.org binutils).  So the diagram should look like
> this:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   mingw32-               mingw64-               darwinx-
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   filesystem             filesystem             filesystem
>   binutils  <--- ? --->  binutils               odcctools
>     (from upstream)        (from upstream)        (from Apple)
>   gcc       <--- ? --->  gcc                    gcc
>     (from upstream)        (from upstream)        (from Apple)
>   w32api                 headers                headers
>     (from mingw)           (from mw64)            (from Apple)
>   runtime                runtime                -
>     (from mingw)           (from mw64)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Which raises also the possibility of combining mingw32-binutils and
> mingw64-binutils together (as well as mingw32-gcc and mingw64-gcc as
> mentioned in the previous email).

as always i prefer to keep as little package as possible even if the
spec files are a bit different. even only one crosscompile-filesystem
and one mingw-gcc etc.
even on crosscompile-headers (even is we rename w32ai).
may be such names:
<prefix> ~ crosscompile or cross
<platform> ~ win32, win64 and osx or darwinx
<package> ~ zlib
as currently mingw32 packages not really widespread we can easily rename
everything than later. so it'd be useful to thing about it.
let's discuss it now before f11!

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