RFC Fedora 23 Change idea

Dennis Gilmore dennis at ausil.us
Mon May 25 23:44:49 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I was thinking today that for Fedora 23 it would really cool to deliver a NAS 
version of Fedora 23. I could see it being delivered in 2 formats. 

1 an atomic based disk image. it could be preinstalled, you dd the image onto 
a disk or a usb stick plug it in and boot, you could use initial-setup to set 
a root password, set timezone etc, then use cockpit to manage and configure.  
my thought here is that you could use a mirco-atx system with 4 or 6 sata 
ports and you use all the disks for data and boot and run the system from a 
small piece of media, 16 or 32G usb stick for instance. or even a beaglebone 
black or similar arm based device with a attached usb disk 

2 as a option you can select on a regular install. 

The roles would be iscsi( or some other block device), nfs, smb/cifs. all 
managed and configured using cockpit, a user could carve up the attached disk, 
be able to alloacte nfs or smb/cifs or export some raw space as a block 
device, for use in vms etc.

I know it is a pretty rough outline but figured I would get something out and 
some discussion to see if what others thought.  I think especially the atomic 
version could be really useful. a very simple way to get some storage up and 
running and use and keep it updated. especially long term, since going from 
Fedora 23 to 24 should be a simple atomic update.



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