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--- Comment #30 from Bob T. <rdtennent at hotmail.com>  2008-03-04 17:54:18 PST ---
"this needs to apply per family"  Why?  The web designer simply wants to
specify, say, a condensed sans serif font. It doesn't have to match a
non-condensed font used elsewhere. Think of "condensed" as analogous to

"you can just use the 'xyz condensed' family most of the time"  On Linux there
is only one condensed font that one can expect is always available: Nimbus Sans
L Condensed (a clone of Helvetica Condensed).  Unfortunately, Firefox doesn't
even allow the user to choose this font, much less use it automatically if
"font-stretch: condensed" is specified, nor even if font-family: "Nimbus Sans L
Condensed" is specified.  Now do you see why something has to be done about
this?  Web pages that use a condensed sans font  can't possibly be rendered
properly in Linux, no matter what the web designer specifies.  Please, at least
fix this in the Linux version of Firefox.

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