[Issue 76587] WW8: MathType object displayed without brackets etc.

r6144 at openoffice.org r6144 at openoffice.org
Thu Dec 31 09:03:23 UTC 2009

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------- Additional comments from r6144 at openoffice.org Thu Dec 31 09:03:21 +0000 2009 -------
Fedora 12's version (3.1.1-19.14.fc12.x86_64) also has this problem, and I did
some investigations today.

The WMF import code is in OOO310_m19/svtools/source/filter.vcl/wmf.  In the
offending documents, the Symbol font has DEFAULT_CHARSET, so the original code
uses the charset from gsl_getSystemTextEncoding() which is dependent on LANG. 
When I replace these gsl_getSystemTextEncoding() calls with
RTL_TEXTENCODING_MS_1252, the problem disappears.

I don't think the calls to gsl_getSystemTextEncoding() make any sense in the WMF
importer, at least under Linux.  The default charset of a WMF file is a property
of the file itself, and perhaps the system generating it, but it should not
depend on the settings of the system loading the file.  Since WMF files are
usually generated in Windows, if the ANSI version of TEXTOUT is used with
DEFAULT_CHARSET, most likely the intended charset is MS 1252.  The user can be
given the option to specify another default charset, or use some language- and
font-dependent default ANSI codepage, if that's truly necessary.

Some more testing is needed to check if this works for Windows-generated WMFs
containing CJK text, and if the metafiles exported from OO.o can still be loaded
in OO.o and in MS Word.

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