Error monitoring 'sil-scheherazade-fonts' with Upstream Release Monitoring

Paul Flo Williams paul at
Fri Aug 9 10:33:20 UTC 2013

upstream-release-monitoring at wrote:
> Your Fedora package 'sil-scheherazade-fonts' is monitored by Upstream
> Release
> Monitoring (,
> but no
> upstream version can be found. The error message is:
> ERROR:cnucnu:Failed to fetch upstream information for package
> 'sil-scheherazade-fonts' (sil-scheherazade-fonts: no upstream version
> found. - -
> \bScheherazadeRegOT[-_](?i)(?:(?:src|source)[-_])?([^-/_\s]*?\d[^-/_\s]*?)(?:[-_.](?:src|source|orig))?\.(?:tar|t[bglx]z|tbz2|zip)\b)
> Please adjust the entry for your package at:

I changed the entries for Lateef and Scheherazade this morning on the
wiki, following these notifications, and Lateef now works, but
Scheherazade still seems to be wrong. It's not that obvious to me where
Scheherazade's custom regex comes from. I'll have a go at correcting it
after the weekend unless someone else gets there first!

Paul Flo Williams

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