Seeking information on FUDCon Milan sleeping arrangements

Robyn Bergeron rbergero at
Wed Aug 24 21:16:06 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

There are a number of folks in EMEA, and in other places, who are 
confused as to the hotel arrangement for FUDCon: Milan, and I was hoping 
we could resolve them and get the information put up on the wiki, so as 
to alleviate people's concerns.

#1: There is a block of rooms. How big is the block of rooms, who is 
staying in the rooms? Is there a master hotel room list where people can 
"reserve" their room?

#2: For people who are not sponsored, where should they book their 
rooms, or are they staying in one of the rooms blocked?

#3: What is the deadline for booking a room? What should people do after 
that point as far as reserving a room?

Other questions welcomed.  People are concerned to the point that they 
are not booking their travel, so getting this fixed as soon as possible 
would be appreciated.  We're all here to help out - if there is 
something others can do to help organize the FUDCon in Milan, let us know!


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