[Fedora-i18n-list] Japanese input _almost_ working in English FC2 (KDE)

Hideki Hiura hiura at openi18n.org
Wed Jun 30 01:48:47 UTC 2004

> From: James Ryan <jamesr at totalinfosecurity.com>
> I press CTRL-SPACE nothing happens.  I've tried a lot of other key
> combinations as well...
> Should canna also be installed and running?  It's not on the list of

Yes, you need canna installed. That's the language engine used.

You may also want to have gimlet(gnome-im-switcher) installed
and run as applet, so that you can select the languages from

Also updating IIIMF packages from Rawhide or
http://people.redhat.com/yshao/im-sdk/rpms/ would be good.
You can get language switching listings with the key combination

> required applications.  I do have iiimf-le-canna installed.

iiimf-le-canna is the interface module for canna.

> /usr/sbin/htt
> htt_server -nodaemon

For gtk+ applications, this is fine, because it serves directly to gtk+.
 (htt is a watchdog for htt_server)

For other XIM applications, you need httx and htt_xbe.(htt_xbe works
as if XIM server, httx is a watchdog for htt_xbe)

> I remember seeing a post about something called httx...does that need to
> be running and how do I run it?

The code to run httx should be already there in default, in
/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/xinput which refers the environment variable

I guess it is just because of canna package is missing?

> > > My .bash_profile contains:
> > > export XMODIFIERS="@im=iiim"
> > > export XMODIFIERS=im=htt

This should be just
     export XMODIFIERS="@im=htt"

but Jens said, 

> > Just putting
> > 	XIM=htt
> > in "~/.i18n" should be all you need to have iiimf setup
> > in your X session.
> > You can do this also with the command
> > 	$ im-switch -m iiimf

should be fine.

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