[Fedora-i18n-list] Typing Chinese while keeping the application in English

Daniel S.K. Yek 叶盛刚 danieyek at alumni.washington.edu
Tue Oct 5 07:21:20 UTC 2004

Hi Stephen,

On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 23:45, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Login GNOME  'American English'
> Niether can I find "Internet/Intranet Input Method"
> with 'Right_click' on GNOME desktop
> Nor can I find "Input Method" menu

Not right-click on GNOME desktop, but right-click on gedit or
Evolution's email compose edit box.

Then, choose Input Methods / Internet/Intranet Input Method. The GIMLET
applet will appear on the panel (task bar). In my case, it shows
"English". Clicking on the applet, do whatever necessary to select
Simplified Chinese, then use pinyin to input Chinese characters.

Don't use space bar while entering Chinese character, cause if you hit
space bar, the applet will switch to show 英文, which indicates that
pinyin input is disabled. To reenable it, click on GIMLET applet and
select Chinese again.

To disable pinyin (to enter English words), hit space bar, or Ctrl-Space
Bar, or click on GIMLET applet and select English.

This facility is not user-friendly yet, but at least now, I can use it
effectively, after getting to know its bizarre behavior.

Hope that helps.


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