ibus-1.4.0-5.fc16 is available

Takao Fujiwara tfujiwar at redhat.com
Fri Oct 21 09:04:37 UTC 2011

I also have the plan to update Fedora 15 ibus later.

     IBus-GJS was released <http://desktopi18n.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/ibus-gjs-3-2-1-20111021-was-released/>

via DesktopI18N's Blog <http://desktopi18n.wordpress.com> by fujiwara on 10/21/11

Recently I fixed several bugs in ibus-gjs for gnome-shell 3.2.1 and gjs 1.30.0.
ibus-1.4.0-5.fc16 has all the fixes and probably it will be available tomorrow in Fedora test repository.

# yum install --enablerepo=updates-testing ibus ibus-gnome3
% rpm -q ibus

The development ibus-gjs is avaialable here <https://github.com/fujiwarat/ibus-gjs>.
1. Get the current keyboard layout when no variant.
ibus could not get the current keyboard layout when the layout has no variant. e.g. ‘us’ layout.
The patch <https://github.com/fujiwarat/ibus-gjs/commit/2e4cd8141e10aeba6a201b7c300f8250aa9fd562> was integrated.

2. An error when XKB feature is disabled.
Fedora enables the XKB feature but this problem is reported by the other platforms.
The patch <https://github.com/fujiwarat/ibus-gjs/commit/bfc41883ef280ce03deb205115e758e5a708e20d> was integrated.

3. Cannot open ibus panel icon menu in gnome-shell 3.2.1.
I had added a workaround not to move the input focus with ibus status icon in Fedora 15 but it does not work in Fedora 16 and the workaround caused an
up compatible issue in gnome-shell 3.2.1.
The patch <https://github.com/fujiwarat/ibus-gjs/commit/6db8ada6ff8ef1d8e10f08a94469668de11580f2> was integrated.

4. IM engine’s menu items are not selectable on ibus panel icon meenu.
IME menu items cannot be selected because of no focus in gnome-shell 3.2.x because of the F15 workaround.
The patch <https://github.com/fujiwarat/ibus-gjs/commit/adeae5fb223dbcbddd18b1624cba990eafb5275a> was integrated.

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