[fedora-india] XChat - copy with mouse right click

tuxdna tuxdna at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 07:01:06 UTC 2010


XChat 2.8.8 - A multiplatform IRC Client
Linux [x86_64/800.50MHz/SMP]
Charset: UTF-8 Renderer: Pango
Compiled: Dec 10 2010

When using XChat, I can't copy selected text using mouse right click
in the chat window ( where all the conversations scroll up ). The
whole menu ( which is the XChat main menu on top ) just pops
up again when I right click.

I would consider it as a usability issue. Most of the GUI applications
that I use on my desktop ( be it GNOME or KDE ), support copy with
right click, on selecting "Copy" menu item.

Since its a pretty obvious behaviour, I want to know if anyone has had
 this thought earlier. Is this already fixed in some version of XChat?

I can however use Ctrl+C key combination after selecting the text to
be copied.


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