[fedora-india] Hi, trouble in fedora media program

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 09:49:24 UTC 2010

 On 07/28/2010 03:16 PM, Ravi D. Sharma wrote:
> Hello all,
> Being a fedora ambassador or free media program, you can't make bias
> to anyone whatever was the reason, blah blah.
> So my focus was to direct someone in such a way that he don't bother
> with fedora. And whatever Mr. @Rahul if you want to do bias please i
> suggest not to give your views here. As i know this is open source and
> accessible to everyone and you are going out of bound.

It is accessible to everyone but I am not permitted to give my views? 
That doesn't make any sense.  My comments on bias have nothing to do
with open source.  Just a human nature. 


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